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About us

We are a agency offering broad expertise for all your business legal needs. Working with us, you get access to specific and unique expertise in all legal areas and industries.

In a changing world, our competence and ability to adapt to different branches.. We do this by:

  • learning more about your business and industry,
  • monitoring external and industry news as well as changes in the law,
  • Using a network of experient co-workers

Our services


Sometimes clients only needs a little adviese on the road.

Full service

We provide a full service if needed. From due dilligance, providing contracts to making the deal.


Partner projects

DDS 360 Systems

Drone Defense System. A system riven by AI to defend and monitor airspace aboveresticted areas such as airports, ports, energy plats, oil plattforms and nuclear plats. But also in use in the private market as yachts and homes. Can be useful in mineclearence and in a wide range of areas.


Mixotech provides to both the private and the professionell market. The high techautomatic cocktail blenders to provide high quality cocktails in a fast time. Forproffesional market it can replace expensive personel. In the private market it provides a more pleasant evening for people.

Green Micro World

GMW is providing organic products to improve regenerative farming, green landscaping and more nutritious animal food. All of these to create more effectiveand healthier food counsumed by humans.

Carbon Capture Credits

The GMW solution is a three step uniq solution that is effective and price worthy. At the same time the customer pay for carbon capture, it prevent emissions and helpingfarmers to cross over to regenerative farming wich provides healthier food.

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